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Grounded Stories is my curated collection of speculative fiction.

I’ve authored all the stories here, and I welcome comments and feedback, both good and bad, so please tell me what you think.

I post everything in a standard WordPress blog format, so you can subscribe by RSS and never miss a story.

One thing I’ve never liked about the blog format, though, is how everything seems to get lost in the design. Sure you can search, and it’s there somewhere, but the older posts shuffle down into the stream.

So, along with the blog, I’ll be posting links to all the stories in sections, based on setting. I think it gives the groups of stories a bit more of a showcase, and keeps the older ones in the foreground.

– The Grounded Stories Universe is based on my main manuscript, Grounded. Most everything I write is set in the Grounded universe.

– The Inland Stories take place on Earth, in the civilized remains which survived The Ripping, a nanotechnology induced apocalypse event.

– The stories of The Wastes happen everywhere else, where the planet has been ravaged by microscopic, self-replicating, molecule-disassembling machines (terrifying!).

– The mythology that arose in the centuries following is documented in the stories of Those Before Us.

– Stories I’ve written that are not woven into the canon of Grounded will appear in the Other Stories section.

All of my stories are covered by a Creative Commons License.

Grounded Stories by Daniel Ritter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.