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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[297 words, rated G]

Angectia, goddess of creativity and invention

Angectica is one of the three most ancient sibling forces (along with Intonnegethus and Matignagol), born of the oneness that is the Omnitharilex. She represents invention and creativity, and is the muse and action of all creation, and of all those that would create. All things exists due to the actions of Angectica, as she gathers components from within the Omnitharilex to sculpt these things into existence.

Her endless endeavor to invent and create eventually caused irritation within the Omnitharilex, and she was finally judged to be selfish in her actions of taking components without consideration from near and far to be used for her own creative hobby.

As a force ultimately of creation, Angectica remained at constant discord with Intonnegethus, the ancient force of destruction. This was further irritation to the Omnitharilex, and was not in harmony with the union of oneness.

The Omnitharilex eventually isolates Angectica from itself into her current form for her transgressions of selfishness, which conflicted with the wholeness and union that is the Omnitharilex.

Angectica continues through eternity as the force of all things being created.

Scorned by this judgment and isolation from the oneness of the Omnitharilex, she eventually comes to terms with her fate, because she believes that, above all things, creation is the most important thing that can be done, so being bound into the Omnitharilex is not essential for her duty, which is more supreme than being held in thrall.

Isolated from the wholeness of the Omnitharilex, she learns the depths of loneliness, now knowing how much comfort the wholeness had formerly brought to her. Through her own voice, she creates Siennefelle, the goddess of music, who becomes her sibling in creation as the creator and muse of all harmonious sound.

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