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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[296 words, rated G]

Brehnill, goddess of patterning and organization

After the First World and Second World, and into the Age of Man, Angectica and Intonnegethus become entangled in a struggle over the fate of man, and into which direction, exactly, is man himself guiding that fate.

After attempting to create a self-sustatining world and failing twice, Angectica is not content to sit quietly by and allow things to crumble yet again at the hand of Intonnegethus and his influence of destruction.

Man had become the embodiment of the Cycle of Dualism; the eternal struggle that first damned both Angectica and Intonnegethus from the Omnitharilex, the ancient oneness. As a result, all that man created resulted also in a fair share of waste and destruction. In the wake of his actions, the waste and the rubble that is the domain of Phanex (brother of Klestonocad; the twin sons of Intonnegethus), Intonnegethus brings forth Cannae to collect and to horde the broken pieces that remain.

For fear that the destructive influence would increase and poison the actions of man, Angectica creates Brehnill.

Brehnill is the goddess of sorting and organization. In her realm, all things must be aligned and tidy, sorted and placed.

As Angegtica’s creationism forever grapples with the destruction that Intonnegethus brings, Brehnill ceaselessly and tirelessly sorts and aligns and organizes not only the things that are, but also the broken bits that are left behind.

Anywhere there are patterns, you will find the signature of the work of Brehnill, forever weaving order from chaos.

Brehnill begins to hold sway over man, his perception of his own works, and ultimately the fate toward which he struggles. This momentum of effort between man and the unseen goddess of structure brings Emnanitic into being, the god of the efforts of man.

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