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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[211 words, rated G]

Cannae, god of hoarding and collecting

In the Age of Man, Man’s ongoing efforts to create continued to create waste and destroy his environment, trapped in the Cycle of Dualism originating with the ancients, Angectica and Intonnegethus. Phanex, the god of rubble and clutter thrived in these times, and was pleased.

Man, affected by the clutter around him, began to collect and horde the things left behind. He constructed museums to house the valued bits, and markets to buy, sell, and exchange the things less prized.

These collections grew to become more important than even the activity of creation, for some men, and their desire to collect and value these piles gave attention enough to spawn Cannae, the first god born of man.

Cannae’s realm was powered by desire to own, the coveting of things, and the urge to collect and to hoarde. Cannae’s gluttonous ways could find no end, forever collecting and hoarding, gathering pile after pile of anything around, regardless of value.

It is Cannae’s insatiable collecting and hoarding that spur Angectica into creating Brehnill, the goddess of patterns, to stand against Cannae, the influence of Intonnegethus over man’s detritus. Brehnill forever sorts and organizes after Cannae, to prevent mankind from burying itself it its own waste and clutter.

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