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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[395 words, rated G]

Drael, the goddess of the growing life.

As the First World descends into bickering between its gods, Velethnia, Quanneth, and Thuffiell, the persistent grudge of Intonnegethus brings him to splinter Yothae, the goddess of thoughts and of dreams, into her Figments (Nayenf, Xenth, Uul, Wothenna, and Lothe).

Troubled by seeing the First World shatter and fragment, under discord and the rage of Intonnegethus, Angectica decides that the gods of the First World lack balance, and endeavors to create for them counterparts to equalize their forces in nature.

By convincing Phanex, god of rubble, offspring of Intonnegethus, that a new world will bring more to destroy, she tricks him into aiding her by providing rubble to sculpt.

With the gathered materials, Angectica creates the gods of the Second World; Fekegun of stone,  Rangkajur of metal, and Drael, of all that remains.

Upon the solid foundation of stone and metal, prospers the domain of Drael; all things that live and grow, and which is the focal point for all the powers of the gods of the First World. The early days of the Second World were long before the Age of Men, and even before the time of animals.

Drael was the goddess shouldered with the responsibility of acting as the liaison between the gods of the First World and of Fekegun and Rangkajur, her fellow powers of the Second. This weighed on Drael heavily as the Second World developed, and was burdensome to her.

The essence of the splintered Yothae remained here in the Second World, having been loosed from her Figments by the rage of Intonnegethus. However, Yothae was without purpose, with nowhere to thrive her thoughts and dreams, and became more lonely than she had ever known, having lost the five Figments of herself.

So, too, did Drael find a deep loneliness, for not only could the goddess of growth of living things find no companionship among the gods of metal and stone, she grew jealous of them.

The gods of the First World continually flirted with Fekegun and Rangkajur, weathering them and changing them, creating rusty hues on the faces of mountains, and sandy beaches along the coastlines, despite Drael’s need of all of these gods for she herself to continue.

Angectica ached for both Yothae and Drael, and created Zythrah, god of the beasts, to serve as companionship to their lonesome hearts.

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