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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[228 words, rated G]

Emnanitic, god of evolving change

After the decline of the First World, and the falling of the Second World yet again to the dizzying force of the Cycle of Duality, Angectica had finally moved into a position to engage Intonnegethus in direct opposition.

Angectica knew that her force of creation alone would not defeat Intonnegethus hand-to-hand, and needed the power of a derivitive component that was not a direct creation of her own; a piece unpredictable that could tip the scales away from the favor of destruction.

To aide Brehnill’s efforts of patterning order, Angectica brought fourth for her a brother, formed directly in the memory of the Omnitharilex itself, again by way of the rubble of Phanex, Ghaming, the god of combination and assembly. It would be he that would meld together Brehnill’s patterns of order into unified creations.

Ghamings enthusiasm for combining objects patterned by Brehnill was boundless, and ultimately, they created a god of their own from these parallel strands of patterns, Emnanitic, the god of evolving change.

Emnanitic, agent of change, then, as Angectica had planned, could now serve as the force of endless unexpected turns, and could augment her own power of creation with his influence of evolution.

With that new ally, Angectic planned her final maneuver that would surely be the final end of Intonnegethus, her masterpiece creation; the race of Men.

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