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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[384 words, rated G]

Fenkegun, god of stone.

After the First World, created by Angectica, declined into bickering and discord, by the influence of the pervasive destruction of Intonnegethus, a period of struggle took place. This struggle finally concluded, as Intonnegethus, with his unsatisfied rage, splintered Yothe, goddess of thoughts and dreams, into her component Figments (Nayenf, Xenth, Uul, Wothenna, and Lothe).

Undaunted, Angectica endeavored to create the gods of the Second World, to bring balance to the disharmony in the universe.

She approaches Phanex, god of rubble, son of Intonnegethus, and appeals to his sense of competition. Phanex, forever in the shadow of the great god of destruction, remains forever in the challenge to impress or surpass his sire, Intonnegethus. The god of rubble (the result of distruction), Phanex never feels he will ever achieve the fearsomeness required to come into his own as a respected god to be feared.

Angectica convinces Phanex that by aiding her in creating this Second World, there will be a whole new territory, full of possibility for destruction, and by taking a leading role in this new world, Phanex stands a chance to finally shed his subordination to the great destructive reputation of Intonnegethus.

In exchange, Phanex provided an endless supply of material for her to sculpt into what would become the tangible world to balance the ethereal nature of the First World.

Chief in the Second world were the three gods to balance the three of the First World, and these were Fekegun of stone, Rangkajur of metal, and Drael, the god of all else; the growth of life.

Fenkegun, god of stone, owns the firmament that is the earth of the Second World, and keeps Rangkajur of metal, ensconced within. This is a source of endless teamwork, an inseparable bond between Fenkegun and Rangkajur, models of undying friendship, brothers-in-arms. It is upon this stronghold that Drael, goddess of plants and living growth does thrive for all time.

Fenkegun and Rangkajur are continually shaped and formed by the enduring forces of the First World, as Velethnia (wind), Quanneth (water), and Thuffiell (the light and the fire), shape and form them, eon after eon.

It is by this creation of the Second World has Angectica created a balance that exists to stand in opposition to the insatiable destruction that Intonnegethus brings.

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