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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[490 words, rated G]

Ghamnig, the god of combining and of joining.

After the First World declined into destructive tendencies at the guidance of Intonnegethus, Angectica made moves to bring balance by creating Fekegun, Rangkajur, and Drael, the gods of the Second World. This, too, would find its decline due in primary part to the ongoing influence of Intonnegethus; Create as Angectica might, the ever-present god of destruction continues as he would to break things apart.

This continuous cycle proved once again inescapable in the realm of the Second World. This decline of creative force created a crushing loneliness into which both Drael and Yothe fell.

Angectica ached for both Yothae and Drael, and created Zythrah, god of the beasts, to serve as companionship to their lonesome hearts. Even this effort fell short; despite the companionship of the animals, Yothe found no home for her dreams, and Drael was overcome in the dizzying influence of the Cycle of Duality. The Second World remained trapped in the endless struggle with Intonnegethus.

Angectica grew sympathetic to Brehnill’s struggle to bring order to the Second World, and created a companion for her, again from the rubble of Phanex, who still believed to be in control of destruction, greater than his father, Intonnegethus.

Thus came Ghamnig, the god of combining, brother of Brehnill. Surely, between patterning and combining, the forces of destruction would submit their relentless drive.

Brehnill had been the single most pure effort yet brought by Angectica to counter the constant waves of the power of destruction. Brehnill brought patterned order to the chaos, alignment, organization, and the sorting out of the randomness. Her ultimate effect, however, proved limited, for Intonnegethus, released directly from the Omnitharilex itself, was absolute is his duty of destruction, the entropy of the universe.

With sympathy growing for Brehnill’s struggle, Angectica brought to her assistance in the form of Ghamnig, the god of combining and joining.

In Ghamnig’s heart burned the fire of Angectica’s own creativity. Angectica gave so much of her essential fire to Ghamnig that she herself was weakened. It was with this passion that she believed in the depth of Ghamnig’s role. In the ultimate course of events, it would be because of Ghamnig that forces would eventually stand firm against Intonnegethus himself.

Ghamnig’s fire made him glow with an aura that was inescapable. The power of his aura actually gained the attention of the Figment Nayenf, Figment of focus. Together, they honed an impossibly thin edge to the knife that was Ghamnig’s power. Ghamnig was able then to be lord over all things that would combine, even to The Unseen Children, the invisible level of the atoms of the elements themselves, of the six gods of the Paired World.

This resulting force of combination and joining of disparate parts, this engine of power, that issued from the actions of Brehnill and Ghamnig, grew eventually into a force of its own, called Emnanitic, the god of evolving change.

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