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GSU: Inland Stories

After The Ripping, the United Earth Government formed. As its first initiative, it constructed a massive wall around what remained of landmasses unaffected by the nanogin plague. Beyond the wall; the wastes of the Earth, left abandoned. Life inland, however, recovered and prospered under the UEG. Nanotechnology became viable again, and practical devices and applications began to appear as a part of everyday life. Advanced, alive, passionate, sometimes ugly and sometimes wretched, life inland carried on.

These are the Inland Stories.


A Nice Pair [1357 words, rated PG] – Both of them, in the same place, at the same time; would they know each other again?

Bleeding Cool: A Showdown with Xenth [2368 words, rated R] – Ah, to defeat the God of Distraction by bringing him into… wait, what was that?

Dinner Date [1027 words, rated PG] – Nothing brings you together like an intimate evening with friends, and their friends.

Fifty-Fifty [1181 words, rated G] – This for that, tit for tat. I do for you, but you don’t do for me? Is that it?

Now Serving [740 words, rated PG] – Kiss me, you fool. One, one, beautiful fool, ahh ahh ahhhhhh!

Presidential Address [1389 words, rated G] – Call it The Ripping, call it The Event; the fulcrum on which everything pivoted.

Rhettick – The Map of Mists [100 words, rated G] – When our world touches the world of Those Before Us.

Tangled [696 words, rated PG] – To serve and protect: Caspaeia District’s finest.

Teeth Skin [960 words, rated PG] – Taking care of one’s hygiene remains narrowly unchanged as technology advances; the body is another matter.

The Alley [930 words, rated R] – Plug and play, baby, plug and play.

The Letter [453 words, rated PG] – One simple note, when read by the right person, could change the world; might even bring salvation.

The Zombies of Cahnerra District [1518 words, rated R] – When things go wrong, things go very, deeply, profoundly wrong.

Tiny Christmas [918 words, rated PG] – One little thing, one tiny link in one tiny chain, one afternoon, one little girl and a sequence of no consequence whatsoever.