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GSU: The Wastes

It’s been said that when the safety mechanisms at Jian Liang failed, that a worker was heard to say, “hui dao kaitou”, or, “back to the beginning”. No one really knows. The chain-reaction of destruction that followed moved so swiftly, that it had reached the eastern coast of Spain within a week. The stuff erased life and landscape with soul-snuffing speed.

It is believed by many, though, that pockets of life were spared, but were few and distant, and surrounded by thousands of acres of black powder dunes of an ashen substance. The ash dunes separated pools of component elements, what was left when the nanogin machines unzippered the molecules of everything it touched.

There are, in fact, pockets of survivors in The Wastes; savage and beautiful, angry and at peace.


All I Ever Wanted [4571 words, rated PG] – A gift becomes a salvation.

Nanogin Bridging 101 [100 words, rated G] – The magic that is nanotechnology. Learn it, or stay after class.

The Rim [1123 words, rated PG] – When you’re trapped, the most dangerous thing is hope.

Thinkful [100 words, rated G] – “…indistinguishable from magic…”

Trial and Error 1: Outgoing [856 words, rated PG] – Jobsite antics.

Trial and Error 2: Incoming [748 words, rated PG] – Something happens.

Trial and Error 3: Rest [576 words, rated PG] – Introducing The Librarian.

Trial and Error 4: Next [1191 words, rated PG] – The black stuff.

Trial and Error 5: Bruiser [737 words, rated PG] – A prayer.

Trial and Error 6: Turncoat [754 words, rated PG] – Fingerpointing.

Trial and Error 7: Knots [808 words, rated PG] – Keep counting.

Trial and Error 8: Waiting [792 words, rated PG] – Liam’s trapped, or hiding, or captured. Jayce won’t let it alone. Toby’s less concerned.