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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[454 words, rated G]

Hixix, goddess of lightning.

As the First World aged, the gods of this world (Thuffiell of light and fire, Velethnia of wind, and Quanneth of water) changed, and their roles tipped balance, developing from one era to another.

Thuffiell brings the heat of the sun, and the light of knowledge into the First World, showing the path of the way. His sun rules the day, and his stars and moon rule the night.

Quanneth, the god of the waters, discovered an incestuous desire for his sibling, Velethnia, goddess of the wind. Each night, he chases her, and she willingly falls short of resisting his advances. They combine and form fog and clouds as the Thuffiell’s dawn arrives.

Thuffiell disapproves of their clandestine and incestuous unions, and each day, brings the heat and the light to dissolve away their evidence, driving off the fog and evaporating the clouds, uncloaking the blue truth of Velethnia’s sky.

(FYI, this following portion creates a HUGE plot hole: Can’t have magma prior to the coming of the gods of the Second World. This will have to be sorted out later, because this line of thinking breaks alot of continuity.)

Thuffiell’s anger with his siblings grew and they refuse to relent. His anger with Quanneth for seeking relations with Velethnia shows no affect on Quanneth’s intent, eventually erupting magma, spilling into the seas in vommitous rage. Quanneth is able to withstand the severe rages of Thuffiell, swallowing the lava in the vastness of the oceans. Adding insult to injury, towering plumes of vapor and cloud rise from these clashes, as Velethnia comforts her lover from the rage of their common sibling.

The rage of Thuffiell turns to Velethnia, for failing to resist the incestuous advances of her brother. Biding his time, Thuffiell awaits the storms and strikes the lovers in the midst of their love, at the heart of enormous banks of clouds.

Thuffiell’s rage, combined with the incestuous union brings the goddess born of three parents, the child who would forever be denied the touch of another, the child of the gods of the First World, the goddess of lightning, Hixix.

Eventually, after the decline of both the First and Second worlds, during the age of Men, Hixix would be harnessed by man at the inspiration of Angectica’s agent of change, pawn of the final plan to oppose Intonnegethus himself, Emnanitic. Thus bound by men, Hixix would be the living soul of technology.

Enslaved by mortals, her desire to be free and unfettered would take the race of men as far as the race of men could go, being the eventual catalyst leading them down the path they carve, to the day called by later men, The One Event.

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