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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[472 words, rated G]

Intonnegethus, god of destruction.

The reach of the influence of Intonnegethus is far, it is deep, and it is lasting.

One of the three most ancient elders (along with Angectica and Matignagol), Intonnegethus was isolated from the Omnitharilex in the distant days, prior to the memory of most. It was the never-ending struggle with Angectica, the goddess of creation, which brought Intonnegethus into the scrutiny of the Omnitharilex, and the selfish nature of Intonnegethus to scatter all things that sealed his fate. Displeased so with Intonnegethus, the Omnitharilex decided to isolate him from the unity of oneness; the denial of acceptance into the wholeness to be his endless punishment.

The Omnitharilex becomes eventually displeased with the actions of Intonnegethus, because the constant division is his nature sits in contrast with the union and wholeness of the Omnitharilex. Intonnegethus is cast into isolation for his incessant scattering of things, and he now exists anywhere things are destroyed, broken, or divided.

Intonnegethus was angered by his isolation from the Omnitharilex, but quickly resigned himself to the fate, since without division there can be no creation, and with no creation, there can be no cycle, and with no cycle, the Omnitharilex would not exist.

In this hubris, Intonnegethus therefore believed himself to be required for the Omnitharilex to even exist.

Born of the oneness that is the Omnitharilex, he represents the destruction and tearing asunder of things. The god of entropy, he is present when anything crumbles or is broken away.

All things brought apart or divided or broken and destroyed are the realm of Intonnegethus, and in course, gives rise to the twins of destruction, Klestonocad, god of noise and dissonant sound, and Phanex of rubble and detritus.

Intonnegethus was there in the First World to tear asunder the union of the First Three, Velethnia, Quanneth, and Thuffiell.

He was there during the Struggle of Decline, and it was he that splintered the delicateness of Yothae into her Figments, Nayenf, Xenth, Uul, Wothenna, and Lothe.

Still, in the Second World, Intonnegethus was there, tearing down all creations that Angectica could sculpt.

It would be by his own son, Phannex that brings forth Cannae, the hoarder, to bring Man into distraction from the path of creation; preventing Man from becoming a weapon of Angectica, in her plan to seize superiority.

And in the end, it would be Intonnegethus who would appeal to their brother, Matignagol the ancient of freewill, who would trump Angecticas most elaborate scheme, and inspire Man to harness Hixix, the eventual mother of Jaeyene, who would both laugh and cry on the day that Man first reached for real power.

All these things, from the first days, to the million sideways glances of Man’s doubt, to the farthest attempts of fortune, would be worn down and scattered by the hand of Intonnegethus.

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