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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[650 words, rated G]

Jezmaezia, the goddess that Man wrought.

In the latter days of Man, Angectica’s effort to confront Intonnegethus directly was progressing in full force.

Emnanitic, the god of evolutionary change, erupted from the massive creative pulse generated by Ghamnig and Brehnill, as their efforts of sorting and combining swelled and the years of man became long. The skill with which the patterned combinations were woven by Ghamnig and Brehnill honed year after year.

This influence was evident on the large, as Man began to construct massive buildings and structures that teemed across the surface of the world.

Similarly, this influence was evident on the small, as Man harnessed the powers of technology, and became adeptly skilled with the manipulation of molecules and atoms, genetic engineering, and computer technology.

As his mastery of powers grew, Intonnegethus began to take notice. A moment of fear brought Intonnegethus to believe that, if left unchecked, Angectica’s influence over Man may indeed become a force that would undo his very fate.

Intonnegethus felt that maybe help from the Omnitharilex itself would be his only hope to retain the balance, or at least prevent the loss of his stake. Knowing, though, that the Omnitharilex would not give him counsel, he sought instead the help of his brother, the god of freewill, Matignagol.

Matignagol was, until then, unaware of the development of Man, and upon hearing, was renew in his thirst for finding a home, now in the land of Man; a home that would permit the thriving of free choice, while quenching the loneliness that had become his fate.

Matignagol sank into the hearts of Man, and there did thrive, finally at home.

Man at that point, turned even some of the gods themselves to bend to his will. Even Rankajur, god of metal, was shaped by the will of Man.

While she would deny it, it was said that eventually even Hixix herself fell to the power of Man. Portions of her were captured by Man’s trickery, and caged within the technology he mastered, and would be enslaved to Man in the form of electricity. Hixix would forever torment Man with bolts of lightning, but never find superiority, still at the mercy of the whims of her three ancestors of the First World.

The endless desire of Man to chase Emnanitic, goddess of technology, fed first by the powers of Angectica in the form of Ghamnig and Brehnill, and now powered by Matignagol himself, drove Man forward into massive feats of creation that the world had never yet seen.

This run of development resulted in Man truly believing that there were, in fact, no other gods. Eventually, the distant memories of what the gods were, faded. Man’s growth and belief in itself would generate a vortex power that Man himself could neither see nor control.

This vortex grew to the point that it, itself, found awareness, as the daughter of Man and Matignagol, and came into being as Jezmaezia, the goddess that man wrought.

Matignagol bragged to Intonnegethus, for a new goddess had been created, but not by Angectia; a goddess that not only had the creative powers of Angectica, but also the destructive force of Intonnegethus. Intonnegethus was pleased, and believed that he now had the upper hand, and could defeat Angectica’s opposition.

Unfortunately for Intonnegethus, Jezmaezia was aflame with the drive of freewill, and as such, would not be controlled by his wishes.

Jezmaezia was born of Man, and Jezmaezia was, ultimately, bound and controlled by Man, by Man’s mastery of technology and genetic engineering.

Man would hold Jezmaezia in the highest regard, building her up to fantastic proportion, bending technology further and further into the manipulation of nanoscale advances.

He would court Jezmaezia with every romance he could muster, until finally, she would be held in thrall no longer.

When Jezmaezia finally broke free, the world of Man all but ceased to be.

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