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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[216 words, rated G]

Klestonocad, god of noise.

The nature of Intonnegethus is destruction, but without malice. He dismantles, separates, divides, crumbles; he is the force of undoing, the universal entropy.

Forever breaking things apart, despite all other resultant events, his enduring force did result in the bringing forth twin powers. One, of the rubble of broken things, Phanex, and the other, his brother, Klestonocad, the god of dissonant noise.

Klestonocad is rattling the windows, the air ducts, flowing from crickets’ legs, and joyous when hammers fall. He is called upon by his grandchild, Hixix of lightning, child of Thuffiell’s rage, the goddess who can never know the touch of another.

Forever at odds with Siennefelle, their poetry of music and noise clash in the ears of all who hear. Siennefelle forming harmonious music, and Klestonocad bending her out of tune, washing her out with noise and dissonance.

Klestonocad is ever enduring and forever present in all works of Intonnegethus, even unto the final days of Man, Angectica’s plans to oppose Intonnegethus rise in passionate force.

Never silenced, he hides among the gods of the Second World; he whispers and shouts to us even now, forever happy to distract the focus, to tease the Figments of Yothae and send them into frustration.

Rattling, banging, and crashing, Klestonocad, god of noise.

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