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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[292 words, rated G]

Lothae, god of doubt and second thought.

Along with Nayenf, Xenth, Uul, Wothenna, the Figments into which Yothae was splintered by the wrath of Intonnegethus.

Lothae, a shadow of the goddess of dreams, was the focal point of the killing lack of confidence, doubt. Lothae would doubt your belief, would doubt your effort, would simply doubt. All the realities from the Omnitharilex outward, that would shape the destiny of the smallest of us, would be the subject of Lothae’s doubt.

He kept counsel to none, yet sneaked in and out of the crevices of dreams and thoughts, forever looking for the tiny niche, the crack in the foundation, to soak into and widen.

Of all the figments, Lothae would possibly be the antithesis of Yothae herself, her mirror image; as Yothae would dream all that his possible, it would be Lothae that would find the one fatal flaw, the detail to unravel, no matter how small.

As the Figments sailed away into their isolation, Lothae fell to the Second World and shattered into a thousand slivers of thinness. The splinters of Lothae settled into the earth and wore away at Fekegun of stone. Lothae would rust all that was formed of Rangkajur of metal.

It was Lothae that was so bold to approach Angectica to convince her that the decline of the First World would best be the end of it all. To this, Angectica paid no mind, and instead created a companion for Lothae, the goddess of two faces with no name, who wore fear on one face, and love on the other.

Lothae did abandon this companion, believing nothing of Angectica, or anyone.

The nameless one, then, remains searching, for both that which would attack, and that which would console.

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  1. Ann Ritter / May 30 2012 6:42 pm

    I chose this story to read first in this section because I am plagued by doubt and second guessing my every decision, although much less so now than when I was younger. I like the phrase, “the killing lack of confidence, doubt.” Someone told me once that if I bake a cake, and it falls in the center, to just fill the depression with icing and pretend that’s the way you meant for it to be. In other words, just serve it, and say nothing. (Yothae at work?)

    In the 5th paragraph, the 2nd line, you may have meant to say, “…dream all that IS possible…”

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