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May 16, 2012 / Daniel


[481 words, rated G]

Matignagol, god of free will.

In the dawning eons, all was a single unified whole. This wholeness was the Omnitharilex. The Omnitharilex existed in two forms, the early oneness, and the later fragmented whole, for no matter the form, either as one or as many, everything is a single oneness.

The early oneness of the Omnitharilex was a blended unison of all things in one, as an ocean of completeness. In time, eddies of isolation developed, and became of their own.

Within the Omnitharilex, two eddies formed, Angectica of creation, and Intonnegethus of destruction. The Omnitharilex isolated these forces into their own entities, and these two became distinct individuals in themselves, and the Omnitharilex began its second form, the fragmented wholeness.

The two did issue forth in their own fates, which began chains of events that would effect causes throughout eons uncounted.

This trend spawned within the wholeness a sense of jealousy which became a sense of entitlement, which became the desire to be an entity of its own.

This was Matignagol, god of free will.

Unlike the two, Matignagol chose to isolate himself; to become. Matignagol became of his own will. “I say it, and it is so,” was the way of Matignagol.

Matignagol left the oneness of his own choosing, seeking to be his own, to be without while being within the unified wholeness.

He succeeded in this desire, and became himself, isolating his essence apart from the unity, and found instantly the fear of being alone. Leaving the whole of the Omnitharilex for seeking of self brings with it the profound sense of being alone in a great hollow vastness.

Matignagol’s single ache of “…help…” was met instantly from the wholeness as an endlessly echoing “no”.

The solitude of Matignagol was not absolute for all moments. Eventually, after the First World declined into The Struggle, Velethnia, goddess of the wind, becomes enamored with Matignagol, and gives chase. Their union brings Yothae, goddess of dreams. Matignagol, however, cannot be bound, and in time abandons both Velethnia and Yothae, remaining on his own. In her angst, Yothae, goddess of dreams, pervades the thoughts of all, even Matignagol himself, to forever remind him of those he left behind.

In the late days of Man, when Angectia was weaving her final challenge to step in front of Intonnegethus, Matignagol was summoned by Intonnegethus. He was brought to the world of Men, whose hearts ached for their own purpose. Into these crevices of the hearts of Man did Matignagol sink, finding at last a home where the wild dogs of his ache of free will could run without end, in thousands upon thousands of beginnings and ends.

With Man as his agent, Matignagol shaped their fate. The surge of the free will of Mankind peaked into a geyser of power that became itself aware, and thus arose Jezmaezia, the goddess that Man wrought.

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