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June 26, 2012 / Daniel

Nanogin Bridging 101 (100 word drabble)

[100 words, rated G]

“It is a mix of simple physical disciplines from the old times. Yoga. Tai-Chi. Calisthenics. The nanogin in your blood focuses your energy, and bridges signals with the fabric. The last thing it is, is magic,” he scolded.

Yvent mimicked his trainer’s moves, motion for motion.

In front of Mendlican, mounds of black powder rose and fell, flowed and formed, then erased their shapes amorphously.

Yvent’s dunes were silent.

“I cannot.”

“You refuse!”

He fumed. Tried again. “It’s the nanogin that fails! Cannot be heard.”

“Listen tightly.”

Yvent crouched, aimed his fist. Listened.

His mound lifted, spiraled, collapsed.

Mendlican nodded.


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  1. John Xero / Jun 27 2012 2:32 am

    Huh, would you look at that… it gets deeper and deeper every time you read it, spirals further into itself the harder you listen.

    Great piece, Daniel. =)

  2. Ann Ritter / Jun 27 2012 5:38 am

    I think I need to do more “listening tightly.”

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