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November 7, 2013 / Daniel

News! and Nanowrimo

I should do an update!

I’ve evidently fallen off the podcast wagon. That’s not acceptable, so I’ll be recording soon. It’s just too much fun. I need to fix the volume issue, though; it’s still too low for me to be happy with, on a technical level.

“Grounded” update: Trunked. Wasn’t a conscious choice, but I have to face facts that what I’m doing with my time defines the progress I’m making, so, it’s trunked. I want to crack it back open soon. I have 30k of draft on it, and easily 50k of research and notes, and music, and I miss those characters.

“Eclipsed” update: Trunked. This was my Nanowrimo project from last year. I got probably 15k of draft on that with another 3k of research and outline, but I let Nanowrimo discourage me, and I gave up and let it get trunked. I’d like to return to this world, too, but I think Grounded takes the priority. Maybe. I’ll probably change my mind later, given the epic scope of Grounded.

“Covalence” update: Trunked. This was my novella I’d started the podcast on. I got, what, maybe 5k in on that with 1k notes and research? Not sure, I’d have to go check. I love the story; a very Harry Potter / Ender’s Game sort of thing with a school/training/testing sort of setting. I love this idea, and can’t wait to make it into something, but, not sure if it ranks above Eclipse. It may very well. Lots of characters I dig, and gadgets, and vehicles.

“Scriptua Devros” update: ON. FIRE. I’m drafting this one out this year for Nanowrimo. Just crossed 10k on it, and it’s honestly rolling out more smoothly than anything of length I’ve done in a long time. Feeling good about this one. Not sure, though, what I want to do after Nanowrimo. One option would be to press on and revise edit this, or, trunk it to return to one of the others and get those drafted out. I’m really enjoying the process of drafting right now, so part of me wants to ride that momentum and bang out those others. We’ll see; I may be burned out on drafting once December rolls around, and need to pick up a revision/edit project.

Short stories update: Trunked. Haven’t done a thing. Need to. 1k pieces are awesome to bang out, and just fun. I’ve got a non-paying market that tends to enjoy my work, and I need to support it more. I have a couple of stories there, so dig around (MOST are posted right here on my site. I think I have not yet posted a copy of “Yes, Wonderful Things” (a Lovecraftian piece) here, so you’ll have to explore there to find it at the moment.) Check it out if you’re of a mind:

Nanowrimo update: Awesome. I’m making quota daily, although it’s a time pinch in the evenings. I’ve hooked up with a group on Facebook that have been amazing to work with. Seriously. Awesome time on this.

that’s it.

seeya bye.

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