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May 17, 2012 / Daniel

Now Serving

[740 words, rated PG]

The rain sheeted on the street, gushing. The gravy of muck flowed along the sides of the road, swirling brownish into the drains. The deadycabs, empty of drivers, blurred past on suspensor fields, magnetically avoiding each other and other vehicles by the breadth of a gasp.

Inside “Mama Leone’s Diner”, Curth Mainheim hunched at his stool at the counter.

“Warm that up for you?” A stunningly formed, yet tired-looking, woman with a carafe of black coffee asked. Her hair color matched the coffee, and her lips matched the carafe handle.

He was sure she couldn’t be real. “Yes, please.”

She poured, and he checked over his shoulder; the rain slacking quickly.

“It’ll all be over soon.” she said.

“Hm? Oh, yes, soon.”

“You’re not from around here. I know most everyone.”

“No, just ducked in to keep dry.”

Amina Leone replaced the carafe into the coffeemaker, and rested back against the pie case, shaking it a bit with her exhausted, although light, weight against it. He thought for a moment he saw her crying, but it was just the light playing in the creases around her eyes, pleating her face.

The bell above the door ding-dinged, and a large man entered. He shook off his coat, flapped his hat against his thigh to knock off the worst of the water. He threw it and his coat both into a booth to the left, walked in, and went behind the counter. He went up to Amina, reached his hands for the sides of her head, and pulled her in to him, taking from her a hard kiss.

Curth tried to lose himself in his coffee; pretend this wasn’t at all odd or uncomfortable.

This kiss went on for some time. Longer than most kisses Curth had himself been a part of. Not that finding kissing time had been at all a problem for him in his life, but this was getting ridiculous. They were not being at all erotic, Curth supposed; there was no groping, no moaning, just, kissing. Relentless and unforgiving, kissing.

The rain stopped.

He drank the last bit of his coffee, now cold.

The man’s arms fell to his sides, and Amina put her arms around his waist to support him. The kissing continued.

‘Okay,’ thought Curth, ‘I’m done here.’ He reached back for his wallet to settle his bill. The rain was done, the kissing was not, so, time to get scarce.

Amina embraced her friend, picked him up with a bear hug, now looking somehow smaller than he had when he came into the diner, and carried him to the booth with his things, and settled him there. He collapsed onto the tabletop, being quite still. Amina looked refreshed.

‘Well then,’ thought Curth.

Amina smiled at him. She not only looked no longer exhausted, she looked, strong, maybe even taller. Her face was smooth like milk, even around the jewels that were her eyes.

“Don’t rush off.”

“Thanks, but I’m really late at this point. There’s money under my plate, with tip, should be fair.”

Amina stepped between Curth and the door, and walked up to him. Her smile was infectious.

He stood and let her approach.

She put one hand behind his neck, one under his arm, hooked over the back of his shoulder, and kissed him.

He allowed her.

There was something about it, the moment, for Curth. Kissing some, gorgeous, unfamiliar woman, in a diner somewhere, without discussion or planning. The oddness of the other man, slumped in the booth near them. The very odd tingle or vibration in the skin of his mouth, that was new. He didn’t quite get the whole moment, but was no longer in a rush, late for an appointment or not.

The kiss continued.

Curth’s knees went wobbly, but not in a romantic way, he was losing his strength. He was not fighting it. The draining sensation permeated his body, and he felt a wind blow across his core, sweeping away his will. His vision faded and went gray into black. He felt sleepy, but hungry for it, wanted more of this. He slid down this tunnel and drained away entirely.

Amina carried the slump that was Curth over to the booth with the other man, and piled him there.

She stretched and felt alive. Taking a cloth from her apron belt, she returned to the counter, collecting Curth’s dishes, and polishing the surface of the bar.

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  1. Ann Ritter / Jun 11 2012 11:54 am

    “…avoiding each other by the breadth of a gasp…” Brilliant!

    “It’ll all be over soon,” (Run, Curth, run!)

    When the large man first kissed Amina hard, I supposed him to be in control. Then I realized that Amina was in control – draining strength from him into herself. I’m still wondering why he would approach her – unless he didn’t know what would happen, or he did know what would happen and was so under her control already that he couldn’t help himself.

    Then when Curth saw the effect of the kiss, why didn’t he run for the door? And why didn’t Curth resist her when she stepped in front of him? Are men so susceptible to lust that they can’t resist -even as they are being dragged down?


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