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Other Stories

These are other stories I’ve written, which are not necessarily part of the Grounded Stories Universe.


Beep Beep [1662 words, rated PG] – Clownin’ around with some friends. Dark horror.

Grin [100 words, rated R] – A 100 word drabble; horror, gore, dark humor. Not a story for everyone!

Hell’s Gate [1383 words, rated R] – Costume party slash holiday slash dance club slash, slash, slash, slash…

Immortal [656 words, rated PG] – Life makes itself, you can bet on it. Sure as the sun rises. Plant a seed, grow a tree, yes?

Oh, Christmas Tree [907 words, rated PG] – We cut them down, bring them into our homes, so, they’re dead, right?

Secret Santa [556 words, rated PG] – Drama at the North Pole, and, what are those little elves up to while visions of sugarplums dance through your head?

Shaming the High Wequat [100 words, rated G] – Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. Mind your choices, though, because in the long run, someone could be keeping count.

Silent Night [2325 words, rated G] – Christmas meets H.P. Lovecraft’s Mythos. Universe goes asplodey.

Somebody’s in the Loo [336 words, rated PG] – ALWAYS have drinks on hand.

Three Jack O Lanterns [100 words, rated PG] – Once is an accident; three times is a tradition. Because without traditions, holidays are hollow.

Tug the Heart Strings [100 words, rated PG] – Fate or free will? You’re in control, aren’t you? All the credit is yours; who’s to blame?