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The Adventures of the Table Gang – Ch 1

Paige Ritter and Daniel Ritter

The Adventures of the Table Gang

Junebug, Charles, Tammy, Pam, Nichollette,
Attaché the Turtle

Chapter One – Attaché Has Run Away!

The Table Gang was hanging out! Pam had a button that said “Cake”, and Nichollette was petting Attaché the Turtle.

Suddenly, Attaché ran away! No one knew why, and Attaché didn’t say where he was going. Attaché can’t talk anyway, because he’s a turtle. Nichollette was so sad, that she put her face flat on the table, and cried because she missed Attaché so much, because Nichollette and Attaché were the first two people of the Table Gang that met, and they were BFFs.

Tammy and Pam went to Nichollette. “Nichollette, don’t be sad, we’re your friends! We can find Attaché, and everything will be okay!” But, Nichollette was still said. “But Attaché has run away, and he moves so fast, we’ll never be able to find him without help from someone with long legs that can run fast!” Pam said, “I think I know what to do! I have a new friend that could help us, come on, let’s go!” And they all went to visit Pam’s new friend.

“I’m very sorry to hear about your friend, Attaché, that ran away, and I wish I could help, but right now, I’m in the middle of my exercises, so I’ll need to finish, then straighten out my legs.” said Draculaura.

Draculara finished her exercises and got dressed up with her favorite skirt. “Come on, Table Gang! Let’s find Attaché!” “Yayayay!” said Tammy, Pam, and Nichollette.

“Hmmmm” thought Draculaura. “I wonder where Attaché could have gone. We must look everywhere.”

“Mpf, mpf, mpf” said Attaché, who was now out in the backyard, exploring the great outdoors.

“Let’s start by searching the card catalogue. Under “T” for “turtle”!” They all looked as Draculaura opened the “T” catalogue drawer.

“Attaché!!” they all yelled “Attaché!!!!” Attaché was not there.

Tammy said “Let’s try the spice drawer next. Attaché’s favorite spices are poultry seasoning, dry ground mustard, and garlic powder.” They looked and looked. No Attaché. Draculaura said “You guys check there, I’ll check over in this drawer!”

“Over here!” yelled Draculaura. “In the Stuff Drawer!” But Attaché was not there, either.

So they all went upstairs to search the blankets. “Attaché!” they yelled and they searched. Still, no Attaché.

They checked under every single pillow. “Attaché?” No Attaché at all.

They went outside, since Attaché could not be found inside the house. “Attaché!” yelled Draculaura. She was checking the trees, because the trees are one of Attaché’s favorite places to be. She couldn’t find him in the trees.

Nichollette, Pam, and Tammy looked in a clover patch. They checked under three-leaf clovers AND under the skinny thin grass. No Attaché.

Meanwhile, Attaché was tired of being outside, so he tied a rope around a charcoal briquette and climbed up the steps to get back onto the deck.

On the way to the back door, Attaché found a flower pot that was full of sour grass. He stopped to look at the lovely leaves, but fell in and got stuck! He could not get out of the sour grass!

Draculaura, Pam, Tammy, and Nichollette were exhausted and so very tired. They had looked everywhere, inside AND outside, and they could not find Attaché anywhere. Nichollette was the saddest of all. She missed her turtle friend.

“What was that?” said Draculaura “Listen, I think I hear something!” What she heard was Attaché struggling in the sour grass! “Quick!” she said “let’s get a rope and pull Attaché out of the sour grass!”

The rope got tangled all up in knots! Nichollete, the saddest of them all, went right to work untangling the knots in the rope. She worked fast, because her friend Attaché was in trouble!

Draculaura, Pam, and Tammy all worked from the deck rail and lowered Nichollette down to where Attaché was trapped in the sour grass!

Draculaura pulled on her end of the rope, and up came Nichollette and Attaché!

Attaché was saved! And everyone was back together! They were all very happy and so they brought Attaché to a pond where he could play in the water.

The End