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May 17, 2012 / Daniel

Teeth Skin

[960 words, rated PG]

“Here we are, ladies,” Amanda strolls into the bathroom, “One for you, one for you, and one more for me.”

“I’m nervous,” Kate stood in front of her nervous self in the big mirror, a vial and its reflection sat between.

“I’m not,” Casey and her reflection were already fiddling with the top of the thing to get it open.

“You should be; this is street stuff – No idea what’s in it oooOOOooo!” Amanda joked, ”Seriously, it’s just oral hygiene; clean teeth, fresh breath. There’s nothing to go wrong.”

“Street? You got this from some wayward loser? Come on, Amanda, you know I don’t even trust the stuff that comes right from DaNATech.”

“Kate. Sweetie. Just eat it. It won’t hurt you, and trust me, you need this, okay?”

Casey laughed, “Her breath does stink, doesn’t it.”

“I hate you both. This isn’t helping me right now.” Kate was not convinced of the safety of this stuff. “Ok. So. This stuff does what? It’s tiny robots that start working when you swallow them?”

“I’ve dated men like that.” Casey got the top off of her vial and up-ended the stuff.

“What do you do? Swallow it? Are you supposed to feel it, does it itch?”

Casey swished puffy cheeks back and fourth.

“No, you put it in your mouth, it’s like a gel,” said Amanda, ”and let it dissolve. It should feel like it goes away.”

“That is so weird!” Casey said, “There was nothing left to swallow… it just vanishes inside your mouth like there wasn’t anything there!” She smiled big into the mirror, looked at herself bug-eyed, examining her teeth.

“Yeah, it combines in your saliva and spreads itself all over your teeth and into the skin of your mouth, feels like it’s gone,” Amanda worked to open her vial.

Kate was still nervous, “I thought that you had to go to DaNATech so they could, yaknow, study your DNA, before this stuff worked on your body?”

“For their stuff, yeah, you do,” said Amanda, “but the street stuff has been hacked, so it’s sort of unlocked. Works for anyone now. Bottoms up, girlie, you worry too much.” Amanda poured her portion and swished until it was gone.

Kate watched Amanda and Casey both grinning and looking at their teeth in the mirror. “So? What does it taste like? Did it work? How does the stuff know to do what it’s supposed to do to your teeth?”

“Don’t make me shove it in your mouth, Kate. First time you’ve heard that too, I bet.” Casey taunted. “Computers program it to do what it does. All it does is keep your teeth clean so you don’t have to brush, and keeps your breath from stinking because it, I don’t know, destroys the stuff that makes it stink.”


“Well as long as you’ll ever need it. It works by using chemicals in your body, so it stops after you’re dead.”

Casey looked at Amanda, “Do you sell this stuff too, Mary Kay?”

“I was nervous too, so I read up and talked to people about it. There’s nothing to it.”

Kate sipped her portion back and scrunched her whole face in wrinkles until it was gone. She opened one eye, then the other, bared her teeth tentatively.

“Attagirl!” cheered Casey.

“There, not so bad, was it?” said Amanda.

“I don’t really feel anything. I thought it would at least tingle or something.”

“I think I feel mine tingle,” said Casey.

“Yeah, mine too, but I don’t know if it’s just that I expect that it should more than the fact that it really is doing anything. Hard to tell for me.” Amanda turned her head side to side, getting different angles of light on her teeth.

The three of them spent time looking at their teeth without much conversation – tilting heads, grinning, smiling, going “MWAAAA, MWAAAEEEEE,” and “eeeEEEeee, EEEeeeEEE,” with their reflections.

“I think I feel something,” Kate eventually said, scratching at her left forearm, along the backside, near the bone.

“Yeah, you might. Shouldn’t matter much, though. All you have to worry about now is clean teeth. I’m going to throw out my toothbrush and floss first thing in the morning. Done with that annoying chore!” said Amanda.

“No, really,” said Kate, “I feel something… wrong…” she was scratching her arm alot now. Something very itchy and active was happening, buzzing in her skin. “Look at my arm…” she showed it to the Amanda and Casey. The underside was red in stripes where she had been scratching, and starting to be lumpy in small raised spots. “It’s just me isn’t it? It’s just me? You’re both okay. Nothing’s wrong with you!”

Angela ran her fingers over the bumps; they felt hard like little rocks.

“Are they moving?” asked Casey, “They’re …growing!”


They stared at the lumps that began appearing in rows from her wrist all the way to her elbow, slowly growing, but fast enough to see it happen. The lumps under her skin pushed outward, making the skin white in each spot from the pressure.

“Make it stop! Make it stop! Oh my…  God… what is it…”

The center two rows of lumps pushed outward hard enough to break through the skin of her arm, then the rows next to those poked through too…  …they were all teeth; row after row, all in order; incisors, cuspids, bicuspids… all growing from under the skin of Kate’s arm.

Kate’s words wouldn’t come, her eyes were round and panicked, her pupils tiny and crazed.

The skin of her arm was covered in rows of very clean teeth.

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