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2132 A.D.


Mankind has advanced microscopic nanotechnology nearly to the point of viability. The eastern world of Europe, Asia, and Africa have combined their scientific efforts in attempt to combat the western world alliance of North, Central, and South America. The eastern alliance is behind in advancements, but is growing at a rate tenfold the pace of the west.

February 17, China’s Jian Liang Nanotech Research Facility, near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Scientists at the Jian Liang facility conduct an experiment combining nanomachine engines (nanogin) programmed with replication code with nanogin programmed with molecular disassembly instructions. Multiple layers of preventative systems in place to prevent adverse reactions fail simultaneously.

The resultant product of the experiment dissolves most Australia, then spreads to China by way of the Jian Liang Throat, a secret maintenance tunnel in the Earth’s crust.

The event was termed “The Ripping” by media groups in the eastern alliance, and “The Event” by government bodies in power at the time, left half the planet destroyed. The remaining population continued on, developing the civilization in the east. The western half of the world was left in waste, with only sparse and distant pockets of survivors.

We never made it into space; we were grounded.

In the centuries that followed, civilization in the east began to recover and develop practical applications for microscale technologies, while the west crawled on at a deeply crippled pace, steeped in mythology, broken knowledge, and isolation.

This is the GSU.